Fashionably Challenged

So, anyone who ever met me as a kid would know that I am one of the biggest tomboys out there. I hated make-up, dressed like a boy, and swore off all things “girly”. That being said, it shouldn’t surprise you that when it comes to being a domesticated woman, I have no idea what I’m doing. Cooking, organizing, and dressing up are all things that I do not come by naturally. It wasn’t until the past year or so that I have really wanted to become “classy”. Unfortunately for me, I’m finding it very tricky to pick up all the advice and tips on new make-up, hair, and fashion trends.

I am making a blog to share my experiments-new recipes, hair styles, etc.-in hopes that others who are like me will be able to see how it’s done by someone who has trouble making it work. Hahaha :3

Hope you enjoy!


~Megan ❤

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