Going Nude: my lipstick adventure

I’ve heard about how awesome nude lips can be. I’ve seen celebrities, friends, and even my favorite YouTube personality, CutiePieMarzia, sporting the neutral colored lips.

Naturally, the curious side of me decided it’s a great idea to spend $7+ dollars on a tube of beige colored lipstick-Maybelline’s Bare All.

I got home, so very excited to break this bad boy open and soak in the awesome beauty this lipstick was going to give me. Mind you, I have no idea how to actually wear most lipstick colors. I twist it up and lay it on, looking at my reflection with disappointment as it sits on my lips. My husband took one look at me and told me that I looked like I had something medically wrong with me. Ugh! After all this time being excited, I felt like I needed to write a letter of outrage.

But wait! As I started to wipe it off, something amazing happened. It looked good! I pulled out my handy lip liner that desperately needs to be sharpened and start playing around some more with this lipstick. I used my fingers to blend the lipstick onto my lips for a less caked on appearance and smiled. That $7 lipstick had finally proven to me how fun nude lips can really be.

I’m in the process right now of finding a better lip liner color to match, but I really am enjoying my new color. I’ll be posting a few pictures on my Instagram later today. =)

What are your opinions on nude lip color? Have you ever tried it out? Comment below with your experiences with lipsticks!


2 thoughts on “Going Nude: my lipstick adventure

  1. I must say that I have never been a lipstick wearer. Growing up I never liked any of the lip colors that I tried on and found that using a lip pencil to outline my lips and color them in was the only way to go. One of my dearest friends loves lipstick. She has over 150 different shades from hot pink, ruby red, and all the colors in between to choose from. I love her dearly, but sometimes I wonder how many lipsticks does one really need? I find that the most flattering colors to me are the ones that look more natural to me. I read an article recently even though I am not a southern girl, that said every southern girl should have their own signature shade of lipstick that they use. About two months ago after reading the article I thought maybe I should find a lipstick shade of my own. I found a color that I love that is also in the nude family, called Bare It All. I don’t use a lip liner with this shade but I do put a clear lip gloss over it. I feel like it softens the color up and makes it shine. I have been known to wear lipstick more often now and when I put it on I feel glamorous! Win! Win!


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