My Favorite Shops: Affordable Edition

Sorry it has taken me so long to make a new post. My older sister, Nina, was getting married and I went out to Chicago to help out for a couple weeks beforehand! It was a beautiful wedding and reception and I am glad that it all went well! I got home last week and right away had an eye surgery to correct a crossed eye I have had since birth. Healing from that has not been painful, but my vision was blurry for DAYS! I am happy to say that my eyes are straight, and though it didn’t do much medically (less eye strain is pretty much the only benefit), it has done a lot for my self confidence to actually be able to look people in the eye!

So, as I had announced on my facebook page, I wanted to write a little blurb about my favorite affordable shops.


You may be thinking to yourself, “She must be joking…Target is just as bad as Wal-mart” etc. LIES. Target has some of the cutest clothing I have ever owned. Okay, okay, it may not be HIGH fashion, but have you seen the catwalks? How often is high fashion actually cute? Maybe it’s just me >.> 

I have bought a lot of my clothes from Target over the years and still find things from a few seasons ago that still call my name (Think thrifty?)


Old Navy has the best basics (i.e. Jeans, tees, tanks) . I have a good amount of clothing from here as well. My personal favorite right now is a lightweight pink cardigan I recently bought. I wear it all the time. 

#3: FOREVER 21

This store may be a headache to shop because of how it’s organized, but it’s worth it! They keep up with trends as well as classics and I always leave with something to show for it. Not to mention that they often have great Sales!


Probably one that most of you have not heard of, (I use the phone app) is how I have recently aquired most of my clothing. It is a fashion Sell/Buy/Swap site (much like, just more affordable clothing). I absolutely love it and have made over $50 just selling old clothing that I don’t wear anymore. This is probably one of the best functions because you can self sustain your clothing addiction by selling the monetary amount that you are spending. Self-sustained clothing habit.


So these are my favorite AFFORDABLE Shops. Do you have any shops you really enjoy? Tell me below!


Until next time,

Megan ❤


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