I finally got around to cleaning my home enough to get photos of it all. I have done a photo tour with captions under each photo! I enjoyed taking the pictures and I hope you enjoy seeing my home!

 Just so you are aware, it may take a minute for all the photos to load.

Let’s Start at the Front Door. I have a nice little system set up for shoes. Thank goodness for Dollar Tree baskets!

Here is the front Closet. It is reallllly spacious!

Here is the loooong hallway. On the other side of the left wall is the garage

My one actual Wall decor I’ve done downstairs hahaha

The downstairs half bath. Love the hand towels from Ikea. Next you’ll see allll of my furniture from Ikea 🙂

Here is the computer area. We love our computer.

A better shot to see my little layout. All the furniture pictured is from Ikea.

Right next to the computer area is the living room area. 99% of the furnishings are from Ikea as well. We used some tax money to get ourselves furniture before our move.

This is our little TV area and bookshelves. I got the wall hanging from Ross because it matches my rug from my family!

My favorite couch we’ve owned so far! My son has stained it up but I still love it. It pulls out to become a bed.

Kitty cat paw prints on the ottoman! SO CUTE.

MY chair. It is a yellow wingback chair from Ikea and incredibly comfortable. Next to it is a little side table I inherited from my Abuela after she passed and a green lamp from Ikea.

Here is the dining area. I am a fan of the bright colors in contrast to my personality lol

Another angle to show the kids eating area so their feet touch the floor.


The kitchen is very spacious. Only downside is an electric stove that likes to catch fire.

Our laundry area is big and we invested in some nice laundry machines! They sing. It’s adorable. The door leads to the garage, which I had pictures of but forgot to blur out my license plate so I deleted the picture from this thread. Whoops.

In the same area as the laundry area, we have a long storage area that we also use as a dry goods pantry. I’ve never had this much storage space in my life!

Up the stairs we go! First time since childhood I’ve lived in a place with stairs.

The upstairs landing, which is very spacious and so nice to have.

My room is to the right and at the end of the hall are the kids rooms and their bathroom.

My linen closet. I keep most of my cleaning things downstairs, so this also doubles as storage of non-linen things.

Here is my bedroom, Finally all the way cleaned since moving in April.

This is my makeshift make-up table since I couldn’t afford to get one from Ikea yet. It works for me and is really nice to have.

The closet in the master bedroom is HUGE. Like….I’ve never had a closet this big!

I’ve placed the padded seat trunk my dad had made in here so I can sit down while getting myself ready for the day. My theme in my closet is black.

Here’s my room viewed from my closet because I love the way it looks. It makes me so happy.

The bed is the Zinus Queen Green Tea Mattress from Amazon and a cheap queen metal frame for it, Also from Amazon. In fact, aside from the bed tables, everything you see is from Amazon here.

Yes. Those are sloths. Also, that is my accounting book I should be reading LOL

Here is our bigger TV just sitting on the ground because I can’t convince my husband to help me mount it.

The top of my dresser is eccentric.

And I finally have a full length mirror to look at my outfits in. It was $6 at Walmart.

The master bathroom. I have finally upgraded from living in one bathroom apartments. I am ECSTATIC.

My beauty center. It’s all Korean because they make amazing skin care products.

and this is the toilet and shower area.

Here is Arya’s room. We’ve decorated her walls with things she either created or picked out.

We keep the kid’s shared teepee tent in here, as her room is bigger than Raiden’s.

Another look at the Teepee because I LOVE it.

Arya’s bed is full of life as she keeps all these stuffed critters for comfort.

A look at her fun Ikea bed and bed tent. I love these canopies because they have playhouses right in their own rooms.

A close up of her Unicorn and Art Work.

And here is her toy storage area and some more wall decor. Don’t be fooled by the cleanliness. It stayed like this for maybe an hour this morning, hahaha.

Raiden’s room (and another photo bomb by Mila).

Who’s in Raiden’s bed?

EDMUND! I love the moon lamp Raiden picked out at IKEA for his room.

A picture of his playhouse as well.

And his toys are stored in the dresser and the blue bin.

Roarrrrr! The boy loves his dinosaurs!

Here we see Raiden’s Shark head eating Buzz Lightyear and his art work beneath.

The kids bathroom was all decorated by Arya and Raiden. They chose the rugs, shower curtain, and counter top items.

I ordered this stool from Ikea for them and installed a spout extender so they can independently tend to bathroom duties.

Arya and Raiden really have great taste! And you can see their Japanese toothpaste peeking out.

I’ve used a tension rod, shower curtain hooks, and baskets to create storage above their bathtub. Thanks, pinterest!

Their toilet area is also designed to let them use the bathroom without needing help! It’s so important to me that they begin to learn independence!

We have a backyard and patio here and it’s so wonderful! Yet another thing I had lived without for about 8 years.

The privacy wall was built by my neighbor for me and I decorated it. The walls, ground, and screens on the windows are all decorated by my son.

A look at my decor outside. It’s such a nice addition to my home.

Here is my son’s art work and my kids’ outdoor toys. They love to go outside and play with sand and water!

My yard is a bit overgrown but I haven’t had a chance to buy a weed whacker or mower. I am growing some plants around the edge. So far they are actually growing. Makes me happy.

Here is my pepper plant. It isn’t doing as well because I keep forgetting to water the yard and plants. Ooopsie.

Here is my lemon cucumber plant.

Finally, here is my sage plant. I also have aloe, citronella, and a tomato plant but I got stuck by a goathead burr so I gave up taking pictures. I’ve tried to get rid of those dang things but they keep coming back.

As promised, A Home Tour

I finally got around to cleaning my home enough to get photos of it all. I have done a photo tour with captions under each photo!

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